Here’s How to Spend 25,000 Naira on Personal Development

      I know for sure that the best way to set yourself up for success is to change your mindset about life and money. So I thought very well about how I would spend 25,000 Naira if I was to spend…

How to Land Your First “Correct” Job In Lagos, Nigeria

  Dear Fresh Grads, I know you are eager to get a job and earn money. And In case you are apprehensive about the future, I encourage you to keep calm. Everything will be OK, eventually. It's…


My Spotlight for Women’s History Month

As we wrap up Women's History Month, We turn the spotlight on two women using their Instagram accounts for social good      Mrs Tolagle Martins is a vastly experienced communication and…

Year-of -Yes-Shonda Rhimes

2021: My Year of Yes

I have a very structured lifestyle. I work Mondays through Fridays and spend the weekend cleaning and prepping for the coming work week. On Sundays, I hang out at a friend's place- usually…


Agriculture Fintech Troubles with Abadini Agritech

I'm a huge fan of agriculture because I believe that increasing local agro production would strengthen our economy by providing jobs and export opportunities.  However, agriculture fintech companies…

Ibukun Awosika

Zoom Calls with Mrs. Ibukun Awosika-More Life Lessons

  Ibukun is a renowned business person in Nigeria. She is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of The Chair Centre Group which comprises companies involved in furniture manufacturing, sales…


Websites Offering Free Online Courses and Certifications

I can't overemphasize the importance of learning. In short, knowledge could open new doors to you. I learn by reading books (especially non-fiction books), observing people, and taking courses…


My Thrive Agric Investment Experience (Bitter- Sweet)

    Thrive Agric A few months ago, I invested in some farm slots with Thrive Agric, one of the leading crowdfunding agro-platforms in Nigeria. The maturity date for the investment was…


What Should Nigeria Be #EndSars

I know for sure that to be the best that I can be, I need to be in an environment that supports my growth!  Take plants, for example, they need adequate soil nutrients, water, and sunlight to grow.…


On Planning Your Life: Opeyemi Aderibigbe

  Opeyemi Aderibigbe (@opeyemii_ on Instagram) shares his story below. Planning Your Life You can plan your life. It is nice to project into your future. You Know, senior associate by 25,…


Entrepreneurship: How I Started All My Side Hustles

  Bagging a Masters In Business Administration I decided to focus on entrepreneurship studies for my MBA because it was the easiest focus area in the program. Regardless, I had no intention of…


How To Deal With The Loss of A loved One

My mum passed in 2012, and nobody was prepared for her death. Her loss left our family shattered and I had to deal with my pain quietly and for six long years. Being Raised By My Mum  I have got to…

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