project plan

How to Develop a Project Plan + Template

Download: Free Project Plan Template  How to Develop a Project Plan A project plan is a detailed document about how a project will be managed and delivered. There are 4 major phases in traditional…

Asana Play Book For Small Businesses

Article Sections: Click links to jump to sections. How to sign up for Asana How to Create a New Project Setting Up A Project on Asana What is a Project Brief? Building Your Project in Asana…

How to Create A Customer Journey Map To Improve Sales

Download Template You can jump to any of the following sections. What is Customer Journey Mapping? What is a Customer Journey Map? Benefits of Customer Journey Mapping Buyer Journey Map Vs. Customer…

business expansion

How to Plan and Execute A Business Expansion

 What Is Business Expansion? Business expansion is the strategic process by which a company increases its market share, customer base, and revenue using various tactics. These tactics include opening…

text to speech

Free Text to Speech Generators for Content Creators

What Are Text-to-Speech Plugins? Text-to-speech plugins enable your website's content to be read aloud. The software programs leverage AI and machine learning to provide the audio output.…


Guide to Writing a PRD – Download Free Template

Project Overview The project overview introduces the PRD and provides context for stakeholders. Begin by precisely outlining the project's purpose and scope. Highlight the problem or opportunity the…

venture capital 3

The BCG Matrix: Applications and Limitations In Business

  The "BCG Matrix" was authored by Bruce Henderson in 1970. It explores product classifications based on market share and product growth. I'll bring down the key concepts in the original article…

regulatory audit

How to Navigate The Regulatory Landscape as a Founder

  Many business owners find it difficult to navigate the complicated regulatory landscape, however, understanding and complying with regulations is crucial for the success and sustainability of…


Should You Standardize or Customize Your Product

Standardization Versus Customization In Product Delivery Deciding the right approach to product delivery is a challenging task that most organizations face, and achieving the proper balance matters.…

managing remote teams

A Guide for Managing Remote Teams

  Managing remote teams requires a strategic approach to communication, collaboration, and operations. Here are some key considerations for managing your remote team. Use Communication tools…

Eric_ Ries

Eric Ries – The Lean Start Up Summary Part 5

Chapter 11 of the Lean Start-Up | Adapt This is a summary of the final chapters of Eric Ries' The Lean Startup. Chapter 11 focuses on building an adaptive organization while chapter 12 is on…


Overcoming Funding Disparities As a Woman Founder

  Despite progress toward gender equality, women entrepreneurs continue to encounter major difficulties in obtaining funding for their enterprises. This blog post intends to provide essential…

Venture capital

Should You Accept Venture Capital? Pros and Cons

  For ambitious entrepreneurs wanting to scale their companies, venture capital (VC) has long been a critical source of investment. While venture funding could take a company to new heights, the…

Product market fit

How to Achieve Product Market Fit – A Practical Guide

  TLDR | Actionable Insights for entrepreneurs and business people Product-market fit (PMF) goes way beyond finding a suitable product for a market. To know whether you've achieved PMF,…

pitch deck

How to Create a Simple And Effective Pitch Deck

Developing a good business pitch for investors is a critical skill for startups seeking funding and support for their businesses.  A strong pitch deck needs to clearly define your company's value…

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