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Why is My Life Not Moving Forward?

If you have been in a place in your life where it seems like all of your expectations are not being met, then you probably would have asked this question; why is my life not moving forward? It can be…


Here’s How Passion Leads To Success

I certainly believe that there is a direct correlation between passion and success. Becoming successful is difficult but passion can keep you going during those tough moments. Not every accomplished…


Here’s How to Take the Right Actions On Your Goals

One of the challenges of pursuing a dream is figuring out how to get there. That is, knowing exactly what to do to get the results you want. For many years, I was trying to lose weight but nothing…

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How To Work In Tech Without Having A Tech Job

Tech is the new oil and everybody (I included) wants to land a job working for a tech company (recruiters, Holla). Honestly, I don't know whether it's easy or not to get a job in Tech, however, I'm…

Photo for turning your visionboard into actionable goals. Article on SMART goal setting

How To Turn Your Vision Board Into Actionable Goals

Do Vision boards Work? I have used vision boards for many years and I think they work. It's an easy way to visualize what's happening in your head and the more you notice something, the more likely…

Kakaki monument in Kano

Why Travelling is Good: My Experience Relocating to Kano

Moving to Kano In October 2021, I accepted a job offer in Kano and I had to relocate from Lagos where I had lived for most of my life to Kano; a place I barely knew. I took that brave decision for…

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A Jack of All trades is Better than a Master of One

You are the most powerful when you can combine things together. The sum of your skills is greater than the parts-Brennan Letkeman" I'm a Jack of All Trades I am a generalist a.k.a Jack of all…


Trends In Jobs and Money To Seriously Consider Right Now

"I don't know if it's true but I'm willing to explore and learn." This is what an open-minded person sounds like according to Chimamanda Adichie.  We are often admonished not to follow the…


I Need Encouragement Too (Asking God For Help)

  It's actually not easy building anything; whether starting a blog or building a business. And for the umpteenth time, I want to quit blogging. Maybe, it's just not for me. At this point, the…

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News: WizKid’s 02 Arena Concert & MTN Nigeria’s Share offer

Hello Everyone, It's the first news round-up on Olutobi.com.   The essence of this post (and the many other similar ones to come) is to highlight some of the stories that made the headlines from the…


How to Achieve Financial Security Living in Nigeria

  What is Financial Security: I define financial security as a state of mind where you feel no anxiety about money. It's definitely equal parts psychology and reality. Some people have enough…


Rihanna has made Billions of Dollars Selling Diversity

  As we head into 2022, inclusive marketing is going to be a much bigger trend. However, people like Rihanna have been earning millions of dollars from this marketing technique since 2017. In an…


Financial Independence Following the FIRE Principles

What FIRE is: The acronym F.I.R.E. stands for Financial Independence Retire Early.  This school of thought has been gaining a lot of popularity in the last few years; especially among Millenials.…


The Most Important Social Skills for Success

The following social skills are critical to our success in and out of the workplace. Also, you don't have to be bubbly or extroverted to master them. Empathy: My definition of empathy is, "treating…

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Small Business Trends to Look Out for in 2022

No one (at least not regular people) could have predicted the global pandemic of 2020. However, a lot of businesses had to adapt their practices as a result, and some of those adaptations have become…


My superpower is creative engagement; whether working as regulatory affairs professional at a pharmaceutical company or as a fashion art director. Malcolm Gladwell calls people like me, "connectors".

I try to read at least a book a month, I have a green thumb (not literally) and my favourite quote ever is " remember to play after every storm".

Hello, I’m Tobi.

Welcome to my blog

My interest in personal development goes all the way to my childhood; watching Oprah on TV and the journey of self-discovery has been very exciting. I’ve learned so much from examining myself and listening to people like Tony Robbins, Marie Foleo, Ibukun Awosika and Evan Carmichael.  My interests include productivity, personal finance, small business management and leadership and I typically blog about every new stuff I come across in these areas. 

So, click around and learn a few things about creating a meaningful life. Ultimately I’m dedicated to helping you live your best life by sharing everything I know. I’m not yet there too, but I’m on the right track. So let’s go together. 

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