27 Questions with Osibomu Popoola – Procurement and Supply Chain Lead

  OL: Hello Osibomu. OP: Hello Tobi. OL: What do you do? OP: I'm the Procurement and Supply Chain Lead for UK's biggest Compounding Pharmacy. OL: How long have you done this? OP: Well, this…

Be a Better Person in a Year. 7 Small Things to Do Now

  Habits are like currency. The more you practice them, the more points you gain. To achieve anything of value in life, you have to build good habits, one day at a time. Here are a few things…

David Udeagu-Product-Manager

27 Questions With David Chisom Udeagu – Tech Product Manager

    OL: Tell us your name. DCU: David Udeagu. OL: What do you do? DCU: I work as a lead product manager at a Tech company. OL: How long have you done this? DCU: 5 years. OL: What did you…

Here’s How I Passed My Professional Scrum Master 1 Exams

Scrum is an agile framework for delivering products in complex environments. "Environment" here refers to all the factors that contribute to the success or failure of a product. Scrum certifications…

Chibuamam Ilechukwu-school

How to Get Straight As in School and Have Work-Life Balance

Chibuamam has been my friend for more than 15 years. She's a natural cheerleader; very open-minded and supports adventurous creative work.  She has two degrees: a Bachelor of Pharmacy and a Master's…

Google Workspace

Google Workspace Tricks I Just Learned – Part 1

Google Workspace is actually one of my favourite applications primarily because it's cloud-based. This means I can work from any computer as long as I'm online. Over the past year of using Google…

free work tools

12 Free Tools for Smarter Work at the Office

My approach with any work task is this: If an activity feels mundane, it probably is. So find a hack online. You should check these websites out to free up more of your time. Canva ilovepdf……

dealing with haters

Let’s Talk About that Co-Worker Who Hates You

Except you are a cookie or  a bowl of fried plantains,  there's a big chance that someone out there in the universe hates you. You have enemies and village people are real. Well, put a finger down if…

How to Manage my life

How to Manage Your Life Successfully

Being an adult is knowing how to manage all by yourself. It's ironic that what makes adulthood appealing is the very thing that makes it just as unlikable. The independence you are afforded as an…

Motivational Quotes to Help You Build Courage and Be Fearless

We all need to be courageous to lead life successfully; It's a virtue closely related to self-belief.  If you have a great support system encouraging you to be dauntless, that's great.  However,…

Empty Race track to depict article about moving forward

Why is My Life Not Moving Forward?

If you have been in a place in your life where it seems like all of your expectations are not being met, then you probably would have asked this question; why is my life not moving forward? It can be…


Here’s How Passion Leads To Success

I certainly believe that there is a direct correlation between passion and success. Becoming successful is difficult but your passion can keep you going during those tough moments. Not every…


Here’s How to Take the Right Actions On Your Goals

One of the challenges of pursuing a dream is figuring out how to get there. That is, knowing exactly what to do to get the results you want. For many years, I was trying to lose weight but nothing…

Working In Tech- Olutobi.com

How To Work In Tech Without Having A Tech Job

Tech is the new oil and everybody (I included) wants to land a job working for a tech company (recruiters, Holla). Honestly, I don't know whether it's easy or not to get a job in Tech, however, I'm…

Photo for turning your visionboard into actionable goals. Article on SMART goal setting

How To Turn Your Vision Board Into Actionable Goals

Do Vision boards Work? I have used vision boards for many years and I think they work. It's an easy way to visualize what's happening in your head and the more you notice something, the more likely…


My superpower is creative engagement; whether working as regulatory affairs professional at a pharmaceutical company or as a fashion art director. Malcolm Gladwell calls people like me, "connectors".

I try to read at least a book a month, I have a green thumb (not literally) and my favourite quote ever is " remember to play after every storm".

Hello, I’m Tobi.

Welcome to my blog

My interest in personal development goes all the way to my childhood; watching Oprah on TV and the journey of self-discovery has been very exciting. I’ve learned so much from examining myself and listening to people like Tony Robbins, Marie Foleo, Ibukun Awosika and Evan Carmichael.  My interests include productivity, personal finance, small business management and leadership and I typically blog about every new stuff I come across in these areas. 

So, click around and learn a few things about creating a meaningful life. Ultimately I’m dedicated to helping you live your best life by sharing everything I know. I’m not yet there too, but I’m on the right track. So let’s go together. 

Oh, Please make sure you also check out Naija Learner where document my life experience as a young adult trying to find his way through life.