How much is Linda Ikeji Worth?

Linda Ikeji is one of the most successful figures in new media in this part of the world and to put it simply, Linda is rich! Her asset base is truly difficult to estimate because the information is not really published online.

Her primary income comes from her blog which rakes millions of Naira monthly from advertising. Also, she has that house in Banana Island which was reportedly bought for 600 million Naira a few years ago.

To celebrate her 40th birthday, Linda Ikeji decided to buy herself 85 designer shoes, 35 handbags, and a new automobile. I know a lot of people are probably saying she should have put the money to better use by helping the less privileged,  but honestly, I  think that she deserves to spend her hard-earned money, the way she sees fit.

In some sense, money is earned to be spent. I like this quote from Tony Robbins:

Our worth is not measured by the weight of our bank accounts but, rather, by the weight of our souls….the time and freedom and opportunity money can bring—these are what we’re really after.



So the key lesson is to know how to use our good stuff.  We should have a balance between saving for later and spending in the present. Constantly delaying gratification is like saving great sex for old age. See! That does not make sense.

Buying Things You Can Afford

Secondly, Linda Ikeji mentioned in an Instagram post that “we should not be reckless except we can truly afford.”

And this really is personal finance 101. Whether you are trying to fulfil a physical or emotional need, there’s wisdom in cutting your coat according to your size


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