I’ve gotten to the point in my life where I know that I don’t need to compare myself to others and one of the things I would tell my younger self is, “relax, everything is going to be Ok”. 

Comparison is what we do when we think our lives are less than desirable. However, it’s not the best way to lead through life. So, instead of comparing, try these strategies.

Review Rather Than Compare: 

I check what my counterparts have done or are currently doing. In life, you make decisions based on what’s in your purview. For example, If a couple of your former classmates are applying to a certain university abroad or taking a particular certification, it might be wise to look at those opportunities as well and determine whether or not they are for you. It’s about maintaining a competitive spirit even though you work at your own pace in life. There is no race or price. Doing this also helps you understand what your real capabilities are.

See how far You’ve Come: 

Your life is about your story and progress. It’s all about change, transformation, and your dreams coming through. As a first-year student in 2006, my monthly allowance was 5,000 Naira. I couldn’t live the life many of my colleagues were living. And most times I was broke. Today, my life has taken a completely different turn and I’m grateful to God. So, the only comparison you have to do is with the person you were yesterday.



Stay Busy:

If you actually have goals and ambitions, you’d be too busy working on your life to start comparing yourself to others. In today’s world, knowledge is the new gold. The knowledge you seek to push your life forward is literally at your fingertips. Stay busy acquiring knowledge and putting what you’ve learned to practice. If you are proactive about achieving your goals, you’d be too busy with your life.

Celebrate with Others: 

I’m happy when I come across news of people I know succeeding, especially people I went to school with. This is because most of us were children of either low-income or middle-class families. So, every time I come by a post about a colleague graduating from a university abroad, I think of it as a win for everybody. And a reminder that hard work can take you very far.

Last words: 

It is Not Over. Your story ends after you die. My advice is, don’t give up. I honestly don’t know what your life has been; tough or otherwise. But logically, I know that comparing your life to others would only break your spirit further. Please don’t do it. Or actually, don’t do it too often.


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I'm passionate about growth.
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