“I don’t know if it’s true but I’m willing to explore and learn.”

This is what an open-minded person sounds like according to Chimamanda Adichie.  We are often admonished not to follow the bandwagon. We are told to “have a mind of our own”. However, I think that it is always useful to consider the opportunities that lie in front of us because the fact that everyone is following the bandwagon does not mean that they are headed in the wrong direction.

Here are 4 of the biggest trends amongst young Nigerians that are worth considering seriously.

Postgraduate Opportunities.

Young Nigerians are leaving this country for greener pastures, and foreign education is one of the popular routes.

A lot of people are able to secure employment after completing their postgraduate programs. This often leads to residency or work permits in that country. However,  it is still a tough road to travel on because permanent residency is not guaranteed post-graduation. Still, I come across stories of people being able to sort themselves out after their studies.  This often means that they move to another country abroad.

Generally, a foreign Master’s degree gives you access to work in a more developed country. This often means earning more than you would have if you were still in Nigeria. Travelling abroad also gives you the opportunity to learn about other cultures which expands your mindset.

  1. Where do I start:

Start by following travel threads. Nairaland is a great resource. This is the link to the Nairaland travel thread. 

2. How do I raise the money for school fees?

There are scholarships available but you need to understand the process of winning scholarships.  Start by following these influencers on Twitter.

On Twitter: 

  1. @adejimiadeniji
  2. @olumuyiwaayo
  3. @anifel20
  4. @Drolubamiji


The word for Immigration in Nigeria is Japa.  Again, the Nairaland thread I shared earlier has a ton of information (including helpful contacts) on immigration.

Immigration policies change with the times.  For example, It was relatively easier to move to Canada in 2018 than it is now due to the changes in immigration priorities in Canada as a result of Covid-19. Similarly, a few years ago, the UK was not offering post-study permits to students after completing their Master’s. Now, however, the same country is offering 2-year Post-study permits to students. The fact that a country has favourable immigration policies at the moment, does not mean the case will be the same in the next 5 years. That is why you need to explore immigration options whenever they are favourable.

The question a lot of people ask is, “who will develop Nigeria if we all go?”

The fact is, we can’t all go. Secondly, you can develop Nigeria whether you work in Nigeria or abroad because the world has become a global village.  Again, you still pay taxes to the Nigerian government as a citizen in the diaspora. Besides, you can invest in businesses here whether directly or via crowdfunding fintech companies.

Bitcoin/BlockChain technology.

I also need to learn about Blockchain and cryptocurrency so this is a note to myself and fellow novices. In the coming months, Let’s understand blockchain technology. This might be the future of value exchange; especially as we are looking at the coming of a new age with the Metaverse.

Jobs In Technology.

Whatever job you do currently, there is an opportunity to leverage technology and make more money. Tech is the new oil. Anyone working in technology is out-earning a significant portion of the labour market. Even if you are not learning to code, there are so many other jobs in tech whereby the knowledge of coding is not required. Also, start looking at companies that are not traditionally tech companies but are leveraging tech all the same.

Leveraging social media for communication/ Building a brand.

Using Linkedin to communicate your value and build a personal brand for yourself.

Why is this important?

We are in a knowledge economy and people ascribe value to what you know. You become more valuable when you can communicate the things you’ve accomplished with your knowledge and experience.

Also, Instagram, Tiktok and  Twitter are great platforms for reaching a large number of people fast and at a low cost.

Last words:

You can’t be anti-trend or cynical in every aspect of life.

I think about animals that migrate together (herd migration). They do so for survival. When you see people harnessing several opportunities and you are constantly dismissing those very opportunities, you might just be the animal that gets left behind.


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