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Photo for turning your vision board into actionable goals. Article on SMART goal setting

Do Vision Boards Work?

I have used vision boards for many years and I think they work. It’s an easy way to visualize what’s happening in your head and the more you notice something, the more likely you would take action in that regard. This is how advertising works. Your thoughts eventually become your reality #nocap.

Some people might argue that it’s difficult to measure the impact of having a vision board. There are so many people who are living really good lives and have never used them. So perhaps at the end of the day, it all comes down to action. What you do, is more important than what you think or say.

It’s funny that a lot of us dump our vision boards after January.

“Erm, Tobi speak for yourself oh!”

Okay, I’m on this table. However, when I look at my vision boards from several years back,  some of the things I wrote down have become my reality while some are still dreams.  But there is a place for action because some (if not all) of your dreams would require you to take action.

So let’s turn your vision board into an action plan.

Decide Which Dreams Need Your Input.

One of my dreams is to be a famous self-development blogger and on my vision board for 2022, I wrote, To be read by thousands of people”. I would not become a successful blogger without publishing articles on my website, so that dream is one that needs an action plan. There is no blueprint or road map to achieving your dreams, you just have to start where you are and learn as you go.

Always start with what you have in your hands even if your dreams seem too big. Your tool might not be perfect but don’t stress about not having all the resources optimized for you. For example, if I had a bigger budget for my blog, it would be far more successful. I would be able to pay writers and social media marketers. However, my resources are limited. I have some funds to keep my website registered.

Your Goals Should Be Definitive and Measurable.

In short, they should be SMART.

Specific Measurable, Attainable,  Relevant & Time-Bound.

So, a smart goal for my blog would be, “To publish 24 articles by the end of the year”.

Your goals must be clear. It must answer how and when you want to hit your goal.

It must be quantifiable. As in, “numbers of something”. For example, you are saving X amount every month.

The goal should be attainable (that is, just outside your reach). I currently can’t publish 100 posts a year. That’s too ambitious.

Conversely, setting a goal to publish 5 articles per year is too easy.

 Track Your Goals.

I use a Google spreadsheet to track daily tasks. You can download my free template here

And keep your tracker visible. I bookmarked mine on all my computers (personal and work), so it’s easily accessible every time. Develop the habit of reviewing your trackers daily.

Lastly, If there is enough reason to abbot mission or adjust your plans, please do so. For example, at the beginning of the year, I had set certain investment targets for myself based on the agro-tech funding space in Nigeria. However, that’s not happening anymore because the entire agro-tech space is in boiling soup at the moment due to corruption and incompetence.  But that’s a story for another day.