confront the brutal fact- good to great

“Confront the brutal facts but never lose hope.”

One of the most important mindsets is being hopeful especially in the face of adversity. To keep hope alive in our hearts and believe in a better tomorrow. To have faith that there is something better on the other side.

I first came across this quote while reading Good to Great by Jim Collins and it means to face our truth but remain optimistic. It’s about facing what makes us uncomfortable but having faith despite it. The reality of death is one of those topics we are very uncomfortable with. However, I feel that we need to live our lives purposely because it is finite.

We need to appreciate that life is such a remarkable gift and that wherever we are in the spectrum of bliss, we are OK because we are alive. When we fall on hard times, it might be tempting to commit suicide because we are trying to escape our pain. But the actual way to escape pain is to understand that life is never about us.  The real purpose of life is service and I know this for sure because everyone is a beneficiary of someone else’s service. And everything we do matters to the perfect stranger.

Life is about being present. Not worrying about tomorrow and not regretting the actions we didn’t take yesterday.

I have been in situations where I felt overwhelmed and believed everything was going to topple over because of something I didn’t do right. But guess what? Regardless of how tough the situations were, they were never always as bad as I had imagined.

I wish I could just state that you’d be fine. Or that “this too shall pass”. But I know that nothing in life is ever that simple. But regardless of where you are in life, people are watching you and learning from you.

Your life is always speaking to others in ways you will never know.