Do you want to build a following on Linkedin? Then here is a list of 10 content ideas for your account. The goal for many of us is to use LinkedIn as a networking tool to help us land new or better-paying jobs, break into new careers or generate sales leads for our businesses. And guess what, that is what LinkedIn has been positioned for; sharing ideas and connecting people globally. Everything on the platforms stems from communication, self-advocacy and a bit of vulnerability.

Create a Top Ten List Based on Your Life Experience

Tell people what you’ve learned about earning more money. Or staying productive; climbing the corporate ladder, Starting a business, managing a start-up, or scaling your business. Or getting As in school.

A few ideas:

  1. 10 pieces of advice I would give my younger self.

  2. 10 personal values that guide my decisions and why?

  3. 10 challenges you’ve had to overcome in life and how you did it?

Share a Lesson from a Book you Just Read

Write about what you are currently reading and it would be valuable to others. Include a photo of you holding the book to make it more relatable. I just read Untethered Soul by Michael Singer and I shared a lesson from the book on my Linkedin.

Tell your Growth Story

Again, the catch is to make it relatable. Everyone is looking to be inspired.  A few examples: How you started your business. How you made your first 50 sales. Or how you landed your first job.

Share a Tip or Hack

Life hacks are evergreen content. For example, I use timers while working, otherwise, I will lose track of time. I could spend an embarrassing amount of time watching dance videos on Instagram and TikTok.

Tell People You are Hiring

Or better, let them know who’s hiring. #hiring content is so popular. Curate a list of people hiring or websites to find remote jobs. Although these sorts of posts are very common on Linkedin, people in your network might not know. So share.

Share Interesting Statistics and Give your Opinion

Posts like “Did you know?”  or “Have you heard?” work because they catch the reader’s attention the way gossip does.

Post a picture of You and Your Work Colleagues and Share Why You Love Working with Them.

Hopefully, you love your co-workers. Please clear this up with your compliance department. 

Write a List of Dos and Don’ts for Your Younger Self

It’s like sharing your growth story. It helps you reflect on what you did well or didn’t do well, and people appreciate these kinds of posts because there’s always something to learn from other people’s mistakes.

Review a Work tool or Share Something About a Work Tool You Just Discovered

I share Google Workspace tips a lot on my LinkedIn. For example, Gmail now has mailing templates (for newsletters and email marketing)  similar to those of Mailchimp.

Chime in on Conversations Within your Network and then Repost their Content

Increase your LinkedIn engagement by commenting on posts created by other people you follow. This usually leads to more profile views or new connections. In terms of demand and supply, putting content out is supply while commenting on other people’s posts creates demand, and both work together.

Share Content from Events or Conferences You Attend

People like gist. So, let people know about events you are attending and take pictures with people you meet.

Share Niche Book Recommendations

For example, If you are a product manager, share 4 books every product manager should read. A Fashion Designer; 4 books every fashion designer should read.

Share Your Mantra

Turn your mantra into a poster, add a caption and post.

Share Favourite Quotes

Like Mantras, but longer. One of my favourite quotes is, “What you carry is what defines you”.

Share a Before and After Image

The day you rented your shop vs, the current day. Or the day you landed in a new country (as an immigrant)  vs. the current day.

LinkedIn users like growth stories a lot.

Share How-to Guides

How to make your content go viral. Go to sell this or that. Or how to make your boss like you.

Lastly, just Let people know what you are working on.

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