David Udeagu-Product-Manager


OL: Tell us your name.

DCU: David Udeagu.

OL: What do you do?

DCU: I work as a lead product manager at a Tech company.

OL: How long have you done this?

DCU: 5 years.

OL: What did you study in school Vs. What do you do now?

DCU: International relations Vs Technical product manager.

OL: Do you like your job?

DCU: Yes

OL: Why?

DCU: It’s challenging, makes me use my brain more and it is fun.

OL: What gets you excited about your typical work day?

DCU: The idea of creating something impactful.

OL: Do you have a morning routine?

DCU:  Yes.

OL: Do you think they are important?

DCU: I think so, Yes.


OL: I don’t have a morning routine.  My next question is Work from home or the office?

DCU: Home. Don’t ask me why.

OL: Okay, but what drives you crazy about your job?

DCU: Managing different personalities but most importantly those who aren’t willing to meet you halfway.

OL: Yeah, that can be…annoying. How long is too long at a particular job?

DCU: 2 years.

OL: Why!

DCU: You have to keep searching and building yourself. You are the career, not the company.

OL: Do you think people should always negotiate their salaries?

DCU: Yes

OL: Really?

DCU: Always be aware of your value, and as you bring more value to the company,  make sure your pay reflects your hard work.

OL:  Wow! So, did you negotiate your current salary?

DCU: Yes

OL: Have you ever lost an offer because you negotiated the company’s offer?

DCU: Yes.

OL: That’s crazy. Maybe you dodged a bullet. How did that make you feel?

DCU: Disappointed. But like all things, if it’s not for you, cry and move on.

OL: Would you take a great salary at a toxic workplace? 


OL:  Me neither.

DCU: I can’t sell my peace of mind.

OL: Yeah. So, What company values do you look out for when applying for work or interviewing?

DCU: Good compensation and generally people culture.

OL: How do you know it’s time to change workplaces?

DCU: If it becomes too toxic and then becomes a problem for my mental health, or if my needs aren’t being met financially

OL:  Should people participate in office politics?

DCU Yes. Play the game but be better at it.

OL: Hmmm. My next question is, What makes a great boss?

DCU: Empathy and knowing how to make your best resource work for you. And having an innovative approach to things.

OL:  That’s on point. Do you use any digital work tools?

DCU: Yea. Notion.

OL: I’ve never heard of Notion. You learn every day. How do you stay productive?



DCU: I plan my day.

OL:  How do you relax?

DCU: I sleep and I read (Laughs).

OL: Are you learning anything at the moment?

DCU: Data science – postgrad.

OL: That’s big.  If you were to choose a different life, what would that be?

DCU: I would be a writer.

OL: I would be Oprah’s heir. Or any of the British royals.

DCU: (Laughs).

OL: OK. Coffee or Tea?

DCU: Are you serious right now? (Laughs).  Coffee for work hours and tea to relax.

OL: I’m a coffee person.  Ok. Last comment. Leave a stick-it note for your younger self.

DCU: Breath. And develop patience.


David Udeagu is an experienced product professional with career marks with companies like Nairabet, Heckerbella and Bold FTC. He is passionate about product growth and user experience & has led the development and deployment of a number of software applications in various sectors of Nigeria, including the financial sector. He’s pursuing a post-graduate degree in Data Science at John Hopkins.

If you are interested in breaking into product management, connect with him on Linkedin. 


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