Free Daily Task Manager/To-Do List

Click Here to Download the Free daily task manager/To-do List Manager

See Notes below

1 Have a separate to-do list for different things. E.g. Personal, Work. Don’t mix them up.
2 Limit daily task items to not more than 7: Anything below the black line is not worked on
3 Remove any task once completed or mark the rows green
4 Color rows yellow for items that are urgent or with approaching deadlines
5 Color rows Amber for super urgent items that are past their due date
6 The most urgent task items should be moved up the list
7 Move anything you are not working on in the next 4 days below the black line
Task – what task you are working on. Break into bits
Checkbox – Check whatever item you are done with
Profitability – How important is working on that item? Rate High (H), Mid (H) or Low (L)
Day – What day are you working on that item
Notes – Add notes as you like
Getting More Value
Add tabs for your office, travel plans, etc.
Save web articles to read here. Just copy and place their links on a row
Add a column to track % percentage completion on tasks
You can insert a calendar invitation as a due date -so you get reminders sent to your email.
Use a G-sheet so you can access this file from any PC -as long as you can assess your google account.