Habits are like currency. The more you practice them, the more points you gain. To achieve anything of value in life, you have to build good habits, one day at a time. Here are a few things that can help you become a lot better in one year.
keep building

Overnight Success happens but it’s a privilege. Like winning a Lottery, It’s all chance and luck. But so many things in life do not happen by chance. Ants build anthills. People build houses. Some things require constant, deliberate effort. So, keep building.

You might actually be building rubbish, but the moment you realize you are building rubbish, you’ve actually made progress. That knowledge gives you the opportunity to make changes.


Invest in relationships

Be friends with people striving to do better with their lives. Their bias for action will rub off on you. The people you talk to will determine how big you dream and how much action you’d take in pursuit of those dreams. They also will shape your worldview because you are what you hear and see.

Two people singing on a stage

Create a space for yourself in the world. Don’t wait to be discovered. Go out with a megaphone and tell the world everything. Tell the world who you are, what you’ve done and what you are trying to do. Not everyone will listen but some people will. You don’t need the whole world to hear you.

habits-A pregnant woman

Someone will always be at the receiving end of your life’s work. Whatever you do, you are doing it for someone or something. Let “impact” the reason you wake up every morning.


Learning is seeking knowledge to improve things, and it doesn’t always come from books.  Our access to the internet is somewhat of a privilege. Don’t use it for entertainment alone.



Do not settle. Even if it takes you a lifetime, do not settle. I have nothing more to add.


Your life doesn’t have to be about one thing. Many roads lead to the market. Everything your heart whispers to you has a purpose. Don’t ignore the seemingly mundane things. Be alive.