It’s actually not easy building anything; whether starting a blog or building a business. And for the umpteenth time, I want to quit blogging. Maybe, it’s just not for me.

At this point, the only place I can find encouragement is in God because otherwise, I feel like I’m done.

Most times we put God as the last resort in our lives. We like to figure things on our own because we are used to getting them done without actually praying to God for help.  There’s a measure of Grace available to everyone and there are natural laws at play. For example, you reap what you sow.  So, whether or not you believe in God, you can move your life forward.

But at what point do we know we need to ask for help.

When things have totally gone bad?

When things are not working the way they used to?

Maybe you feel God has let you down before. I mean, why ask someone for help, when the same person has let you down a couple of times before?

Still, my opinion is that if I know that there’s the potential of an answered prayer, I will take it.

It’s like not leaving money on the table.

I’ve tried my own way, it has not worked. Definitely, it is time to bring God in.

But what if that also does not work? I don’t know the next step, honestly.

The fact that it failed after you involved God doesn’t mean you should quit either.

We all expect ease when we involve God in our lives. Sometimes this does not happen.

But here’s what I know for sure: Even if your expectations were not met, you would have learned something valuable, trust me.