I have a cup of java every morning with my breakfast. It’s becoming an addiction but I love that it gets me alert and ready for the day. Coffee contains caffeine which is a brain stimulant that increases wakefulness and alertness. There is a positive relationship between productivity and coffee drinking, however, too much of it could also decrease productivity and well being.

For a couple of weeks, I’ve been feeling lethargic in the mornings. However, after my coffee, I usually feel better. So, this got me thinking about the fact that I could be masking the effects of nutrient deficiency or insomnia with my morning Java.

The more you depend on coffee for productivity, the more you need to take and the less effective it becomes over time. Just like any other stimulant, the body becomes less sensitive with use.

Health experts recommend no more than 3 cups of coffee a day which should provide about 300mg of caffeine.  I like mine black and I would usually have a tablespoonful (sometimes two actually) of instant coffee which gives me about 200-300mg of caffeine.

If you are taking too much coffee, you might be experiencing frequent headaches or jitters. So,  take a few days off the Java. And maybe do other equally important things like sleeping, taking early morning walks (for vitamin D) and eating healthy meals.

Why is this information important? 

  1. Coffee does improve focus which can help you get more stuff done. It’s a safer alternative to binge eating as a way of maintaining focus.
  2. Daily intake of coffee at recommended times will not impact sleep negatively.
  3. Early morning tiredness may be signs of nutrient deficiency, anxiety or lack of sleep. So it’s important to fix the issues instead of putting tape over them.
  4. Excessive intake of this beverage can cause sleep deprivation which results in sleepiness the following day and perhaps a vicious cycle of caffeine dependency.



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