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According to Forbes, Following new funding led by the global investment management firm, T. Rowe Price and  Dragoneer Investment Group, Melanie Perkins, and Cliff Obrecht, both co-founders of Canva, have become billionaires. This round of funding reportedly takes the value of the company to $15 Billion Dollars.

Why is this Story Significant?

If you are a digital creator or an e-commerce entrepreneur then you must know Canva. The software offers thousands of stunning design templates for users to pick from. Whatever your job,  they have something for you and for every situation -mostly free of charge. 


canva-c- founders


Canva highlights the power of technology to create access and opportunities. With Canva, you don’t need to know a lot about graphic design to create powerful presentations and marketing materials. Technology is definitely going to be a big thing for a very long time and in ways, we are yet to contemplate. 

I had never heard of Canva founders until I stumbled on this story by Forbes. However, it’s an inspiring story and reminder that technology creates opportunities for people to live their dreams and to create wealth for themselves. Melanie has reportedly become Australia’s 3rd richest woman as a result of this recent valuation.

Melanie and Obrecht, who got married in 2020 plan to launch a foundation that addresses issues like global climate change and wealth inequality.


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