We all have our versions of success.  And being able to visualize what success looks like for you is key to achieving it.

To chase a dream, you’ve got to have a dream!

I’m always looking ahead and I believe there are so many young people like me out there either learning a new skill, a new language or engaged in one educational pursuit or the other. But the side effect of always looking forward is never looking back. Yet, It is important to evaluate the past while we work on making our dreams realities.

Most of us think of success in terms of big achievements, and to be honest, our own wins might look pale in comparison to the things we see in places like Linkedin and Instagram. However, it’s really a question of personal self-worth; whether or not we believe our own wins matter, whatever they are

So how should we measure success? By evaluating our entire lives.  Not just our jobs or education. We must take into consideration, our relationships, health, faith, and of course our personal ambitions. Sometimes too, we must remember what we have learned from previous bad choices or negative experiences.

Finally, it is about recognizing that we are the main characters in the stories of our lives. And that whatever good comes to us, isn’t just luck; it is us playing our parts.