Life Is like Watching a Leaf Grow

It was Lisa Nichols who said that “your life will change in needlepoint movements.”
What this means, in my opinion, is that there is really no such thing as an overnight success.
We are an accumulation of our habits. There’s a nursery rhyme that comes to mind often these days:

“Little drops of water. Little grains of sand make a mighty ocean and pleasant land.”

The other part of that rhyme actually notes the power of time: “Thus the little minutes, humble though they be; make the mighty ages of eternity. “


The point is that numbers matter in the grand scheme of things; specifically the number of days you spend working on your craft.
Your life will not change because you went to one seminar. Or because you ran one 10 km race or worked out at the gym for 2 hours. Little things done consistently over time can bring about huge results.

When I look at my life: working towards becoming a content creator, trying to keep fit; I have learned that It is all about my habits. The first time I ran a 5km race two years ago, I thought my trainer was trying to kill me. But now, I run 10km once or twice a month with a lot more ease because it has become a habit.

So how do you become a master? You keep at what you are doing. The change will happen but you must be patient. Time is your greatest weapon.