The year’s end is always a great period for taking stock; evaluating the past 12 months of my life and reviewing the things that went well and those that didn’t.  I do this ritual every year and the light bulb moment for me this time around was realizing that I needed to focus on my accomplishments for the past months. The idea is that we naturally focus on what’s not enough or missing. So I wanted to be deliberate about mentioning the positive highlights of the previous months. More like #countingmyblessings.

  1. I confronted one of my biggest fears: 

I took an exam I was afraid to take. 16 years ago, I took a similar exam and I failed- and that failure marked me because I felt that I had given my best efforts. This time around I went above and beyond and I’m happy I passed.

  1. I stuck to being a consistent blogger.

This year, I’ve written 51 articles on this blog. This one makes 52 by the way. This is more than twice everything I had written on this blog before 2020. Can you imagine!

  1. I lost weight.

This is almost happening by chance but I noticed that by limiting my consumption of groundnuts, I could lose weight faster.

  1. I was a lot more vulnerable this year.

Sometimes I put myself in situations where I had more to lose than to gain, but what matters more to me is that I put myself out there.

More often than not, I chose courage over fear. Whether it was by volunteering in a health outreach in a remote village or getting on a canoe to cater to underserved communities in Lagos. Even spending money to advance my career took a lot of courage.

  1. I tried to be my authentic self.

I showed off more of who I am on social media, to my friends, to my love interests. This year I was more interested in people knowing me. I was more expressive.

  1. I did my job to the best of my abilities.

One of the things I learned from being mentored by Mrs Awosika  (bragging right, I’m not sorry, lol) is to see the value in everything that I do.  I feel lucky to have my job but I’ve also come to understand that I’m offering value to my company.

The bottom line as far as taking stock is concerned is looking for ways to improve yourself. And the aha moment for me this year was that self-improvement didn’t have to come from a negative place.

I’m hoping for a brighter 2021. May God keep all of us till then. Cheers.



My superpower is creative engagement; whether working as regulatory affairs professional at a pharmaceutical company or as a fashion art director. Malcolm Gladwell calls people like me, "connectors".

I try to read at least a book a month, I have a green thumb (not literally) and my favourite quote ever is " remember to play after every storm".

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