I really want you to watch Stephen Dunier’s Ted talk, How to Achieve Your Most Ambitious Goals. That’s the essence of this blog post in a nutshell.  His Ted talk is actually one of the most important items on my motivational playlist because it reminds me that putting time into work, pays off in the long run.

Stephen Duneier is an American professional investment manager, strategy consultant, speaker, lecturer, author, artist and Guinness World Record holder.


Little Drops of Water

In his Ted talk, He specifically alluded to the fact that little drops of water make a mighty ocean. That is, even if you spend little time on a task, as long as you are consistent, and you make marginal improvements over time,  you’d achieve your goal.

Again, Duneier’s strategy is simple. Break down a project into small manageable tasks that you can complete in 20 minutes and once the allotted time is up, you take a break. After which you come back to do some more work which could even be on another project. That is, you work in bouts and take frequent breaks.

Kindly note that you might need to modify this strategy to fit your style of work. Or choose when to apply it. For Instance, I use it when I’m dealing with work that is boring and mechanical.

His story is really about two things, in my opinion:

The first is coming to terms with one’s mediocrity. That is, being honest with yourself about your capabilities; what Mrs, Ibukun Awosika often refers to as “To thyself be true”.

While the second is that truly (without sounding like a broken record), anyone can achieve their most ambitious goals if they can be consistent at pursuing the goal.

Using this strategy, Stephen Duneier learned to fly a plane, learned to ride a unicycle, learned a second language,  lost weight, published a book, became a Guinness world record holder, and rose to the top of his career at Bank of America.
Find that Tedtalk here.