Frankly, many Nigerians still live in this country because they have limited options. Those with means, either live abroad permanently or live here to do business. 

Of course, we have such lovely weather and our culture is great and diverse. However,  beyond that, we are seriously lagging behind. Nigerians are very intelligent people and little wonder we shine so bright in the diaspora where the opportunities to do so are available.

Today is not the day to hype Nigeria as the place second to none; where milk and honey flows. Today is about doing something to prevent our corrupt leaders from eating up this country-because I’m telling you, they will eat this entire country up. Today is about speaking out! 

1. We are speaking out against government officials allocating social infrastructure projects to themselves through sham companies. 

2. We are speaking out against civil servants at every level demanding kickbacks from contractors. 

3. We are speaking out against police brutality. In a country where the government does nothing to support you socially, the least they can do is ensure your safety. 

4 . We are speaking out against hospital health directors embezzling allocated hospital funds. 

5. We are speaking out against civil servants frustrating Nigerians into giving them bribes to do their jobs. 

6. We are speaking out against poor governance. It takes a genius to lead a country of very smart people. 

7. We are speaking out against an electoral process that intentionally disenfranchises many Nigerians. 

8. We are speaking out against incompetence. Our leaders are not doing enough compared to what Nigeria pays them. 

9. We are speaking out against poor due diligence. You know a country sinks so bad when the head of the country’s anti-corruption agency is allegedly accused of being corrupt. 

10. Lastly, we are speaking up against extreme poverty. You are improvising this country on a daily basis through sharp practices.

So fellow Nigerians, as you nurse ambition for better opportunities in other countries, let’s remember that we must demand a better Nigeria. It is not illegal to demand accountability and true transparency from our government. 

 Speak out! #sorosoke