5 Signs You Are On The Right Track In Life 

1.  You Assess Your Progress Regularly

Time for personal reflection is very important. That is, you actively take stock of your goals and decide the next steps to take in order to push yourself forward. Having time for yourself also means being disciplined about your goals and holding yourself accountable.

2. You have a positive mental picture of your future.

You know you are going to make it in life. At the moment, you may be far away from your goals, but you know it’s going to be OK eventually.

Your perception of your future will influence the choices you make in the present.

3. You have the right value system.

Honesty, trust, integrity, fairness, kindness, and tolerance are a few of the values you hold with high regard. There is a direct correlation between your value system and the choices you make.  You can’t just say you act with integrity when your actions say otherwise. Again, your choices have to align with your values otherwise, you will start to feel like a fraud.

4. You work hard and smart.

You work hard, period. I like to keep this point of hard work very straightforward. The future belongs to those who work for it. Nothing great is gained by being lazy with the task at hand.  Hard work is a requirement even when you really love your job and you are good at it. Success requires hard work. Being smart means you employ technology to make your work easier, faster, or better.

5. You trust in a Higher Power

You have faith. We were not created to be incapable to run our lives.  However, you should always lean on God even when the times are good. You should pray often too-not only when you have hard choices to make.

I really think that God is always there to help us; if we are willing to be helped.








-Tobi Amokeodo