You only have one life and until yours is full and running over, you can’t really give your best to others.

Self-care is not about being productive.  It’s just about being present, feeling your senses, and taking a break. I have curated 25 great ideas for self-care and I’ve even adopted a few already; highlighted in bold text. Enjoy

1. Wake up without using an Alarm clock this week.

2. Donate some time to charity

3. Dance to your favourite tunes

4. Doodle

5. Watch the clouds early in the morning before the sun gets hot.

6. Complete a task you’ve been putting away and savour completing the task.

7. Unfollow (or mute)  negative people from your social media

8. Take a 10-minute power nap

9. Order a home spa.

10. Focus on being in the present moment for 10 minutes

11. Listen to inspiring podcasts or watch an inspiring video on Youtube

12. Stretch for 20 minutes.

13. Mimic your favourite celebrity and record a video of yourself doing it.

14. Change your bedsheets earlier than scheduled.

15. Buy some good body towels.

16. Do a one-man karaoke (and make a video of yourself doing it)

17.  Clean out your purse or everyday bag

18. Sleep early and aim for 7 hours of sleep.

19. Don’t pick up your phone first thing in the morning

20. Order your favourite healthy meals for an entire day.

21. Chill with your favourite read and drink.

22.  Follow a youtube instructional for a home facial.

23. Plant something (and nurture it).

24. Make a video of yourself doing something goofy and laugh at yourself.

25. Go rock climbing in a nearby city.


I hope you guys are going to be trying some. Cheers, and stay safe.
-Tobi Amokeodo