1. On some days, you will feel less than. You might feel tired or fatigued. Move on. There will be good days, So don’t dwell on your shortcomings so much.

2. Everyone goes through some form of difficulty. That should not be enough reason to throw in the towel. Even if you start out rough, things can still look up for me, if you are willing.

3. Slow down. Acknowledge the fact you have the power to move at the pace you want to in life.

4. Breathe. Right now. Take a long deep breath. Every time I do this, it reminds me that I am alive. 

5. Perfection is really a bastard. There is no perfect timing. We spend so much time in our heads that we actually become paralyzed. Get it out of your head and just do it. 

6. Be wary of people who always see the negative in other people. You cannot trust people who give you the juice about other people.

7. When it comes to your body, people are going to say a lot of things. Ignorant stuff. Good stuff. Some bad stuff. The lesson is to to graceful about it and say thank you. And then continue to live your life. Two weeks ago, I was upset that someone at the gym said I looked like I wasn’t even working out at all. And when I pointed out  that I had been using the gym for more than 2 years, he went on the blab about how I would have looked terrible if I hadn’t stepped foot at the gym. 

The truth is that I wish someone had told me two weeks ago that I did not have to lose sleep over his comments. Why? Because the guy is just a hater. Yesterday I accomplished a new personal best for myself and he was no where in sight. 

Thanks for reading. See you in my next post.

Tobi Amokeodo