Today, I learned about integrity. I actually learned about Trust, listening to Brene Brown’s Anatomy of Trust on my way to work.

I like how Brene Brown defines integrity:

  1. Choosing courage over comfort,
  2. Choosing what’s right over what’s fun, easy or fast, and
  3. Practising your values, not only just professing your values.

Integrity is not a medal. It is not something you say you have, just for the sake of saying you have something. It is an action word.

Teamwork makes the dream work.

Everybody you work with has something unique to contribute to your workgroup. You have to appreciate what everybody brings. There is power in collaboration


I did some exercise this morning. I actually was reluctant but I made my way out of the house.  The big lesson for me was seeing that there were other people on the streets doing the very thing I was reluctant to do.  If you choose to give up, there will be many others who would not.

Your Word

Your word is your bond. Being reliable is how you build trust.

Don’t just start something and stop, make sure you see where it all leads to.

Watch your mouth. words are powerful. if you cannot say something nice, keep quiet. On a personal note, someone said some things to me some days ago and I find myself now, having to deal with those words. You should not use your mouth to spill out poison. Maya Angelou said, “people will forget what you said, what you did, but they will never forget how you made them feel”


Thank you for reading, see you tomorrow.


Tobi Amokeodo