Welcome to This is What I Have Learned Episode 1. I love writing. But more importantly, writing is medicine because it helps you navigate through your thoughts.

1. To grow you have to sometimes let go of the old. Sacrifice is important for growth. We hold on to things that do not fit into the new lives we want to live. Nothing is really as important as we consider them to be.

2. Say a Prayer of Grace in the morning. At the very least. Life can be daunting, even when you have it all. The decisions you have to make on a daily basis can make you feel small in a very big world. You have got to believe in a higher power.


3. Your job is an opportunity to give back to the cycle of life. We spend the first 2 decades of our lives receiving knowledge. Now, you get to be the master.


4. Work hard. Always do your best. Not necessarily because people will notice, but because you will feel better about it.


5. Do not let people poison your mind. You are the master of your thoughts. Or the Master of your fate, as William Henley said in Invictus.


6. Jealousy comes in many forms. Naysayers will always say that you are not good enough. The problem with naysayers is simply that they overemphasize your shortcomings and say little about your achievements. On a personal note:  Today at the gym, someone made a comment about how I had a long way to go and how if I were to stop working out for 6 months I would gain 39 kg. Normally I would not share this, as I internalize most things, but my hope is that It would help somebody.


The comment got to me a little bit, but obviously, the person does not know me. By the Grace of God, there is no universe where I would stop working out. Jealousy comes in many forms. Live above jealous people.  Do not let people poison your mind.


Thank you


Tobi Amokeodo


PS: This is what I have Learned is a seven-part series about my daily thoughts on my way to work for an entire week. I do this exercise once every year.